Tuesday, April 3, 2012


hye everyone!!!good news, we sold everything (except 1!)awesome right? :)

yup....when we had the yardsale, it brought word around the neighbourhood so people came at different times to ask n buy!!wuyoooo!!so now there is only the sofa set left, anyone?hhehehe

Sunday, March 25, 2012


today is an awesome tiring day :)
it was the yardsale day..of course with all bussiness, there are ups and downs..
but on account that i advertised around and about only YESTERDAY..
i felt today is an awesome day..:)
i made 6 transactions, hard a bit ,but the earning part is not important, i want to get away with the furniture which is the most important!!

so guys,
the 8 seater table is rm3000 the lowest which i'll throw in this awesome display cabinet (forgot the picture!will get one soon!!)

same goes with the who red sofa set with coffee table, the price i mean.. :P

but today was an awesome day, alhamdulillah!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

yard saleee!!!!

hye guys...hey, u know what..i've got this dream...and this is my biggest dream ever, which is to have my own daycare centre, make it a family thing...and because of that, we have to declutter our house, therefore we will be holding a yard saleeeee!!!

a crazy one this 25th March (Sunday from 10 a.m till 1 p.m) at 1108 Jalan E4/12 taman ehsan ,kepong k.l...

if your coming from kepong side, go towards the taman ehsan roundabout and 12 o clock at the roundabout till go go pass a klinik kesihatan on your right, school on your left.. at the end of the school field there is a junction to your right go in and straight ahead till the end of the round which is like hitting a wall right in front of you. the wall belongs to FRIM botanical garden, so when u reach the wall, turn right and go straight until u reach an orang house with a bigg sign...dont worry, i'll put a lot of signs to make it easier :P

there will be loads of stuffs including furniture imported from the U.S, books and i don't know what else, ill try post a lot more pics but as of now, there's furniture only ,haha...that is the most important that has to go to make space :(

it's all in good condition, its just that we need the space and not the furniture anymore, come and enjoy the yard salee!!!!!!!

this table set for 8 people is made from teak from the U.S which is able to seat 8 people and is adjustable in length - RM2000 only!!!

the sofa set is made from real jati wood a combination of 3+2+1+1 and a middle coffee table - RM4000 only for the whole thing!!

this is how the pattern looks like on the set.

this chair is made from real jati and rattan weaving ans is awesomely comfortable, made and bought in Sri Lanka, is comes with 2 singles( this one) and 1 double seater - RM1500

this single chairs are actually pink in colour and is so suitable for girls or even a modern living room - RM399 for the pair. :)

both table lamps are modern type and has a very firm body and base - RM20 each.

this bedside mirror is 1 1/2 metres in length and comes with 2 bedside chest of black and grey in colour - RM 500 for all

i loveee this mirror stand!!huhu!! its made from i dunno (;P) but its real wood from U.S and is really awesome for a hallway..i'll miss you mirror - RM150

and this bedroom mirror stand is nearly the same as above but its made from Jati and is quite cute,sigh*, it also comes with 2 side chest - RM650 for all

i know it all looks soo expensive but trust me, thats not all..maybe if you just moved in or looking for wooden awesome quality furniture, than this would be the right one for you, ...we will also have toys, books, and i'll update more :)

just remember to bring your own transportation as we dont provide any,hehe...u can hooller me if you need to ask anything and please spread the word around, thanx everyone!!!

owhh..and my pictures stinks so really sorry fwenz!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Art for grabs

i finnaly joined an art fest called art for grabs at Annexe, Central market. its an eye opener to see new friends and customers for very different backgrounds. mind you background doesnt matter to me at all as long as poeple are nice to others than you've always got yourself a friend in me...:)

i had fun though but sometimes it gets bored when the traffic is slow, i sold my t-shirts and quilts and god knows what else i'll be doing in the next event. Jaja, the artist with me who is my friend invited my to another one called 'Rantai' at Urban Village in bangsar, i dunno...yet...i need a breather,hehehe...havent had one sicne the school hols...

btw, jaja is my friend who loves painting cats. just like me, we/she does personalized cat things and me eveyrthing on FABRIC so if your'e interested, hitch us on my blog or facebook :)

Our stall was th emost colourful one!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


im so lucky to have these 2..they are the light of my life, because they are the light of my life, i want to give them the best i can...and to do that i have to make drastci changes. basicly,i think,a big thought..i will change jobs...the job now is grea,t lovevely chidlren, wonderful friends, baddddd minds plotting against the willbein gof teachers...sigh...that's such a sad thing...so sad...

i hate doing this..bu ti feel i have too, for my loved ones...

Monday, October 24, 2011

to all super moms out there,you did it!!!

you think itss easy being a super mom...super moms does not only mean dat if your juggling a job, have kids to attend when you get home AND do the cooking, cleaning up,bedtime and get ready for next day too, supermom can also mean as long as you have done the very best for your child (oppss..and hubby too!!) to grow up in the safest, happiest, nicest environement you can give them,than ur a supermom..

i'm a crazy supermom.

ending this year i have successfully completed my masters degree while pregnant with number 2 and shuffling number 1 to school every morning. i have also managed to maintain ( and keep) my 9 -5 job fulltime coz i want/need the money to enjoy my life now..dont get me mestaken, i'm just a teacher and as the whole world knows teachers dont earn much,hehehe...so i work my arse off( btw, i LOVE kids even if they are monsters..it wears off easily) for the pay that i get and to be able to buy the food/toys/kitchen things that i want :P

as of next year, I've decided to take it slooooowwweeerrr.....next year i will be working half day for the same pay (haha!) with a different position in a different branch of the same school(there's currently 2 branches in Malaysia)...I'm

happy i get to work half day, that means i can reach home earlier, cook, get ready for number 1 and 2 to arrive than do things with number 1 until she tired off, then cuddle and put number2 to sleep.. (sigh),where does hubby go? he will do whatever it is that I'm not doing (taking the one whichever i don't take)p/s:- i LOVE you.

but I've been thinking about increasing my salary a bit more by doing other things..should i teach part-time at Cambridge on certain days...or do online business...my sewing things..hmm..i dunno...still thinking, i have 2 months to think about it.

Friday, October 21, 2011

random words...

ummi: imani, you have to learn to speak to ummi in english,or not you wont know your english..

imani: tapi imani melayu..;P (3 yrs old)

scene 2
imani:ummi, besok imani nak bawak panties princess ye..
ummi: why?
imani: solehah nak tengok, dier cakap cantik haritue.. :P